Monday, March 7, 2011

One in $5 Million

Sadly when I double checked my PokerStars cashier this morning the $1.6 million first prize from the Sunday Million hadn't magically appeared in my account. I was one of the 59k people that ponied up $215 for a shot at a huge first prize and a sweet ride. Sadly I only made it into the second hour, losing with top two vs. the NFD in a 3bet pot. The only issue that I had with the late stages of the tournament was that considering they are playing for such a huge amount of money, there was no play involved. Everyone was so shallow and whilst I understand that every tournament must end, it just seems that it was nothing more than a lottery.

On other poker fronts, the month of February was pretty much one to forget. I didn't play the first ten days of the month due to being in Vegas with the Flux guys and then when I came back, things just didn't seem to be clicking and I seemed to be playing horribly. This tends to happen every now and then and its just a factor of going on auto pilot and not focusing on my decisions. It doesn't help that I am trying to multi task when I am playing and that can only lead to bad situations.

March has started a lot better, I am working hard on my game and really looking to progress. I played a very solid +4BI session of $100nl at the weekend and whilst I made a couple of mistakes calling off in some bad spots, I didn't let it get to me and ended with a solid day.

I've started to get ready for the WSOP and have looked to make a schedule so that I can get a thread started on 2+2 looking to get some of my action sold off. I would love to play the $10k Main Event this year and am going to do my best to make it happen. Its still early but I feel that it would be such a good experience that I need to do all that I can to be in that field.

Done for now, but more updates to follow.
Good luck at the tables.

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