Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In a rush to play rush .....

I had a hand prop bet with Luka Allen for the month of March in that I had to hit 120k hands to his 50k hands. Now whilst this doesnt seem fair to me, it needs to be remembered that my normal volume for a month is about 100k hands and Luka's is about 35k, so we were both pushing the envelope to hit a new 'career high in hands'.

I started well but then fell behind pace, mostly due to the frustration of some bad beats and those bad beats resulting in bad monkey play by me. That said, I dont like giving people $250 so with three days remaining I was 19k hands short of 120k. After getting in about 5400 on the 29th, I knew on the 30th that I needed to push it so that I didnt have to be worried and have to play some crazy number of hands on the 31st. I decided that the only way to really get the hands in was to RUSH it out. Now most of you know my hatred for RUSH poker and therefore yesterdays events might surprise you. I decided to 10 table RUSH at the $5nl and $10nl level for 7 hours !!!! I played 4 x $5nl FR, 4 x $5nl 6max and 2 x $10nl FR to get 14k hands in.

After recovering from the sight of every KK running into AA for the first hour and then from a dead arm from the repeated stress of constantly clicking my mouse, I managed to slowly get the hang of the game to the point that I think if I put in the work that I could be a winner in the games. Its certainly something I dont want to do though so unless I am way behind another prop bet dont expect to see me RUSHING in the near future. Here is a graph from my RUSH session for yesterday

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cant Get Enough ? Try a Podcast ....

Each Tuesday i do a weekly podcast with two friends from across the pond, Mal Clarke and Gareth Witty. We talk about all things poker related and as Mal and Gareth have the attention span of a monkey doing math, we tend to slip onto some non-poker related stuff too.

The show is live each week at 3:30pm EST and is hosted by Talkshoe. It is listed on Talkshoe as The Live Poker Show and you will need to create an account with them to join the show live on air as a guest, which we love to have. You can also download the show via Itunes and the link to the podcast page can be found on my interesting links sidebar under 'podcasts'.

Everyone must give one episode a try...

Better Start by Saying Hi !!

There are hundreds of blogs out there and i certainly read my fair share and whilst mine will be somewhat lost in the shuffle of them all, i feel that this will allow friends and family to keep track of what is happening in my world. I will for the most part keep it poker related and will only stray onto personal things in my life if i think it is necessary and relevant to whatever is happening poker wise.

With this being the first entry though i think its ok to introduce myself. I log about 95% of my poker hours on Full Tilt under the screen name El Nino 1, and yes to all of you out there n 2+2 world, i am a nit and certainly am ok with admitting it. I'm going to try to keep this first post pretty brief as i need to log 14k hands in two days to win a prop with Luka Allen and if i start to detail a lot of stuff in here it will take me hours. I'm such a computer and technology noob. Id happily pay someone to install everything for me.

Here is what 2009 looked like for me(not incl rb): -

Here is the start of 2010(not incl rb):-

I certainly have good intentions to regularly update this blog and will be more than happy to include the blogs of friends in the poker world. There will be blog posts in the future regarding coaching, the 1 month 1 micro Vegas grind house and also general updates on how poker is going for me.

If you have 10 minutes to spare i think my well on 2+2 gives a pretty good insight into anything you might want to know about me.

Good luck at the tables,

2010 Graph YTD (Updated March 30th)

2009 Graph