Saturday, October 30, 2010

Status Report 100nl

I am now well into my shot at 100nl and things have gone pretty well. The transition to 100nl is a pretty tough one due to the regs just being that much better. They are applying a lot of pressure on you and you have to be on top of your game so much more than is necessary at 50nl. I felt I could play my C game at 50nl and still grind out a decent day. If I try it at 100nl though if I'm not on my B game or better I'm losing or breaking even at best. Its certainly a bit of a culture shock. I'm not sure that I have had my A game for a full session yet, I seem to play well and then let me game slip. It's more mentally taxing too so I think I will make the adjustment and make my sessions a little shorter and now put in three sessions a day rather than the two per day that I used to put in.

Im going to put in a full 100k+ hands at 100nl in November before I decide whether to make the switch permanent, but I'm committed to it throughout November for sure. I will also post my graph at the end to show the progress so far.

I've been doing a bunch of coaching lately and have added a couple more regs from the 2+2 FTP regs thread to my student list and I'm really excited to work with them. I like working with students that are motivated to move up and succeed and all of the new guys seem to fit the mold. I seem to get more satisfaction from coaching than I do playing these days so the more students the merrier. I still want my coaching to be affordable to the micro guys that are building their rolls so even if I do make 100nl stick I will keep my prices the same. No point targeting micro guys and then trying to charge them $50 - $60, because they just cant afford it.

Also the radio show with the guys is going great. We have now gotten 50 episodes in the can and thats amazing. I love working with Mal and Gareth and hopefully I'm able to keep them on poker topics but thats tougher than you would think. We have also hooked up with as a sponsor to the show so we are now on our way to being big time. I think its still a long road to that though.

Update for the month to follow soon, the rest of the day I'm focused on baseball... Lets go Rangers !!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Opening Session Jitters

Day 1 of the $100nl experiment is in the books and while it wasnt great, I recovered well and am happy with the way I managed to come back. Hopefully I will learn something from this and be able to build on it going forward.

Moving on Up

Well updates have been few and far between lately and frankly that needs to stop. I set up this blog to keep a log of how things poker related were going for me and because I've been super busy lately, I have fell behind getting it done. I need to get back to grinding hard and also updating my blog too.

October has been a cluster fuck of things to do. Every weekend this month there has been something on my plate that kept me from the tables. That wouldn't be the worst thing except that I haven't been making the time up at the tables during the week. We are 22 days into a month and I have only played 15k hands. Sure I am winning at a great rate but the volume is horrible for someone that supposedly plays full time. I need from this moment onward to get back to the grinder that I was previously.

I spent some time with Jared, the owner of Flux Stables, last weekend when I flew up to NY to get some things done for the site and planning some future stuff. Everything was great and I loved meeting Jared and Katherine. I think the working relationship will continue to blossom and we can build on the initial successes that we have had.

I have also decided to make the move to $100nl full time. I've been at $50nl for a long time now and produced a decent winrate and I would like to take my game to the next level. Not sure what to expect, or how much different it will be, but I am going to play for a month regardless. I need a sample size rather than 3 - 5k hands every now and then.

I will update regularly with my progress.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Bunch of Updates

Wow its been a very busy two weeks, so this post is going to be a bunch of different thoughts thrown together into one giant post.

The last week of September, I managed to rediscover my desire to not only play the game but also found a way to win, and win at a very decent rate. I got out of some of the bad habits that I had been forming and really focused on my game. The results I managed to post are a testament to this and hopefully it continues long into the future.

Ive also been diving head first into my coaching and that has been reflected in the number of new students I have gotten and also the results that they are starting to have. One of my newer students that will remain nameless, at his request, has really seen an increase in his winnings after a couple of sessions. He used to be very swingy and had some leaks that needed addressing but since working together there has been far more consistency in his game and it is illustrated by his results. Sure its only a 6k hand sample but you have to start somewhere and hopefully this is just the beginning for him. Here is a graph to his first week after our sessions:

Ive also been doing more and more stuff with the guys over at Flux Stables. I've spoke about them in previous posts but the more I work with Jared, Nick and the guys, the more I'm impressed with the set up they have over there and the things they are trying to accomplish in the staking world. The website if anyone wants to check it out is,, Whilst they are predominately a staking group, they do have the beginnings of a very good forum that has a small group of very intelligent and knowledgeable posters that can give advice on a multitude of games. 2+2 has become a little stale with strategy advice over the last year or so and finding a place to help improve can only be beneficial for everyone's games. Ive been trying to get more and more into MTTs and therefore am camped out in the MTT forum on the site.

Outside of poker, Ive started doing Nutrisystem in an attempt to win my bet with the guys in the grind house from last summer. Its only day 2 so not much to report as of yet but the food isnt as bad as I thought it would be so there is hope for me yet.

I will close with the results for September. It certainly isnt impressive but you cant only post graphs when you win, so here they are:

September Results:

Online: $1958
Live: $850
Rakeback: $673
Coaching: $335
Staking: $389
MTT Stake: $239

Total Winnings: $4444